Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Request Section"

I know everybody hate rules,but sometimes we need to abide by them.
New Request Section Blog is here.Whichever comes first.For those who posted their request yesterday or today please re-post it here.
1.Maximum 5 request per post.The only exception is request from "the crew".
2.You must use a nickname,any "anonymous" requests will be ignored.
3.Please be specific about your requests."Band Name and "Album Name"
4.Post your requests on this thread.Do not request or post a rquest on a posted album.
5.Please request or post in English.
6.Album request must be from 1980-1996.
7.Search the whole blog archieves before request.
8.Requests or post violating the rules will be disregarded and/or deleted.

"Report Dead Links"

Please post all dead links here.Just name of band and album,like "Juggernaut-Baptism Under Fire (1986)" no more no less.
Please do not post request on this thread.

"Download From ifolder"

First you click the link as you've seen numbers to fill in.
Put the numbers and enter then,you will see the link,click the link,then you see a sentence in russian then click "сюда".
After those clicks you will see a new window full of website links (
Click one of the websites.
You will see the countdown of the download link on the right top of the page.
After countdown click "нажмите сюда" then again fill the numbers and you will see the download link.
Click on it wait for a while and finally download starts.